Even while the majority of slots only feature a single payline that runs horizontally down the middle, some slots have numerous paylines that can all be triggered at the same time. Three-reel slot machines have a variety of paylines to choose from, ranging from one to nine. There is a maximum stake of three cents per line on machines with only one line of gaming action. However, the maximum wager on a machine with several paylines is the same number of paylines as there are paylines on the machine.

5-reel slots allow players to create between 20 and 25 different combinations, with some machines allowing players to create as many as 200 different combinations at a time. The more the number of paylines a player selects, the greater the amount of money they are willing to risk and the greater the amount of money they stand to win with each spin. As a result of placing several bets and appearing to gain more money with each spin, these players are able to empty their bankroll in a shorter period of time than other players.

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