Online slots with six and seven reels are challenging the three-reel slot machine norm. They generally follow the same grid structure as the standard five-reel slot, so the settings can be 6×3 or 7×3. When there are more reels, players can construct longer matches. The combination of a six- or seven-reel slot machine with five-reel slot machine characteristics, such as re-spins or stacks of wild symbols, can result in a truly thrilling gaming experience.

There are also slots with six and seven reels, which go beyond the most common types of slots and create structures of their own. By having three or more scatter symbols appear on the screen at the same time, players have a better chance of triggering the free spins bonus round in this game.

Slots With Six Reels

When compared to traditional five-reel slots, video slots with more than three reels have a greater number of pay lines. When it comes to six-reel slot machines, several variations offer more than one hundred pay lines to match symbols across four by six or three by six reels. Zeus III, one of WMS’s most well-known six-reel slot machines, has 192 pay lines and a feature called Zeus Wilds.

Slots With Seven Reels

The lucky seven-reel slots outperform traditional slots by including two additional reels in addition to the standard five. The high number of symbols that have the potential to line up on each spin draws players to these slots. The RNG for seven-reel slots is the same as it is for five-reel slots, and any player can treat the additional reels as eye candy.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Six Reel Slots

The chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars is appealing. But first, budget. In WMS’ Reel Boost games, the first reel wins. Because the first reel only has two symbols, creating a payline is difficult. If you keep hitting the wrong kind of symbol, even stacked symbols are useless.

Fans of high variance should play 6-reel slots. You can lose a lot of money in a matter of seconds, but if you have two or three big wins, the money just keeps coming in.

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