1. Introduction

1.1 These terms apply to all use of Slotsreal.co.uk, including registration and gameplay. On Slotsreal.co.uk you will also find the current game rules and bonus terms.

1.2 To play games on Slotsreal.co.uk, a player must first register an account. By registering on Slotsreal.co.uk, the player accepts these terms. The player and Slotsreal.co.uk are bound by the agreements.

1.3 Slotsreal.co.uk retains the right to modify these conditions at any moment. To learn more about how Slotsreal.co.uk keeps players informed of critical changes, please see our Terms & Conditions page.

2. a ban, suspension, or restriction

2.1 Slotreal.co.uk Maintains the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone at Any Moment for Any Reason, Including Security and Money Laundering Concerns

Slotsreal.co.uk reserves the right to refuse to open a gaming account for a player or to close an existing gaming account and terminate the customer relationship.

a suspension of the player’s gaming account on Slotsreal.co.uk; in this case, the funds will remain in the gaming account, and if the player wishes to pay them to his NemKonto during this period, he must contact Slotsreal.co.uk’s customer service.

2.2 Slotsreal.co.uk also retains the right to cancel games, reverse or halt wins payments, and cancel or limit deposit and wagering options.

2.3 – Not responsible for losses due to rejection, closure, suspension, etc.

3 – if a Player Is Given Access to a Chat Function on Slotsreal.co.uk, They Must Always Utilize It in Accordance With the Current Slotsreal.co.uk Chat Rules for That Forum

4. Fair Gaming

4.1 – When opening a gaming account, the player must establish a daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit. Changing the set limit is easy. A player’s account can adjust previously set limits. A previously specified deposit limit increase takes effect 24 hours after request. A previously specified deposit limit is immediately reduced.

4.2 – During the gaming account, you can request a temporary or permanent ban from gaming (self-exclusion). If you are temporarily banned, your game account will be terminated for 30 days. For payouts to NemKontos, players must contact Slotsreal.co.uk’s customer service. After final exclusion, the gaming account is closed, and a new gaming account can only be opened after a year. Upon final exclusion, any player’s funds will be deposited into their NemKonto immediately or within 5 working days.

4.3 – During the game account, the player can choose a 24-hour playing break (cooling-off period). The game account will be suspended for 24 hours and then reactivated.

4.4 – An exclusion from all gaming providers, including Slotsreal.co.uk, is also possible via the Danish Gaming Authority’s Register of Voluntarily Excluded Players (ROFUS). The player can register by phone or online.

4.5 – Slotsreal.co.uk may at any moment close a gaming account, including imposing individual deposit and wagering limitations for the individual player, if it deems it necessary for liability reasons. For more information about gambling addiction and therapy, please visit our responsible gambling subpage on Slotsreal.co.uk. Here you’ll discover links to self-tests, StopSpillet and publically funded treatment clinics.

5. Foreign Games

5.1 – This site’s gaming license is only good in the United Kingdom. Gambling on Slotsreal.co.uk while overseas may be restricted by local law. Slotsreal.co.uk takes no responsibility and blocks foreign IP addresses.

6. IP Rights

6.1 – In all other materials and information, the player understands that Slotsreal.co.uk or its suppliers own all copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights. The player may only use this material to participate in games on Slotsreal.co.uk. The player must not download or use the material for commercial purposes without Slotsreal.co.uk’s express approval.

7. Personal Data Processing

7.1 – When a player uses Slotsreal.co.uk, Slotsreal.co.uk processes personal information in compliance with current legislation and Slotsreal.co.uk’s privacy policy. Here is Slotsreal.co.uk’s privacy policy.

7.2 – Slotsreal.co.uk is required by law to keep a player’s identify and control information for 5 years after the player’s account has been closed. Documents and records relating to the player’s transactions must be retained for 5 years. The player’s gambling history and risk assessment must be preserved for 5 years (section 9.6).

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